The modern business world is complicated to say the least. The need for competent representation in negotiating, drafting and preparing today¨s sophisticated commercial agreements is obvious. There is also no question that a thorough and thought-out agreement helps to define the contracting parties¨ respective obligations and reduces the possibility of time consuming litigation in the event of a dispute.
  ROBERT H. BROWN P.C. is duly-qualified to represent you with many commercial agreements including:
Purchase and Sale of
Chattel Mortgages
UCC/Secured Transactions
Franchise Agreements
Commercial Leases
Loan agreements
Shareholder Agreements
Security Agreements
Lien filings

  Relying on professionally-prepared commercial agreements is only one part of prudent business practice.  Another factor to consider is whether you have formed your business properly to reduce personal liability and taxes. ROBERT H. BROWN P.C. has expertise in forming various commercial entities such as:

Corporations (For Profit and Not For Profit)
Sole Proprietorships
Limited Liability Companies
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