¡¡¡¡Commercial Litigation is an area of law involving lawsuits and other means of dispute resolution for claims arising out of business-to-business and business-to-consumer trade.   At the heart of many of these matters is a contract (either verbal or written) and the damages often sought typically involve monetary compensation. ROBERT H. BROWN P.C. handles many of these claims including:

Actions to Recover for Goods Sold,
¡¡Services Performed or Money Lent.
Shareholder actions
Partnership dissolution actions
Franchiser-Franchisee disputes
Garageman's Liens/Civil Forfeiture cases
Arbitration and Mediation
Bankruptcy Litigation including Section     362(d) automatic stay issues
Administrative Hearings
Judgment Enforcement
Mechanic's Liens/Construction Law
Property Damage cases
Other Contractual disputes
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